27 January 2007

Internet issues have been resolved

I am now online at casa di Orzalesi!! Finally! It was a simple process Guido and I had to synch. YEAH!! Anyways, here is the story so far....I spoke of the driving lessons before, well here we go.Valentina really wants me to try to get comfortable on the road, although it is a new experience for me because I am manual driver expert aka stick shift expert. I know how to drive, driving in American traffic...no problem. Driving in Italian traffic, a little different but mostly the same. I.e. huge buses coming out of nowhere, motorinos speeding past on my right side...now my left, right, left, and overall manuvering the car in and out of "lanes". And what they call lanes, is the Viale or Via or THE ENTIRE ROAD!!! Yea there are no such thing as lanes unless you are on the autostrada. But in the Viale on which I will drive to and from the school isn't too bad to manuver and sure I stalled a few times in traffic because I am not like I said before a manual driver expert. One challenge at a time....please. I know I will do my best when asked to. I will put forth the effort to chaffuer her children to and from school. All my best. That is all I can give. I hate to not please someone when asked to perform a duty of any kind, let it be my mom,nana, dad,sister, brother, and of course my boss, which I don't think of Valentina or Guido as my boss, we are becoming more like family. She is just fabulous! Great role model! Assertive, kind, calm, and very blunt....like me....well......kind of like me.

On to scuola, it is going well, I have made a few friends here and there within school but I try to steer clear of the Americans or english speaking students, they just make me speak english and I DON'T WANT TO!!! That said, I made a friend named Leon, he is from NY, lives in Prato, and is very homosexual. He is in love with an italian. He is very sweet and constantly makes me laugh in class. Now that I found him, I am stuck with him, even though he speaks English. Class is going well, just when I think I have got the language down, there is another verb tense, imperfetto or passato prossima put together when an action is interrupted.....blah blah blah.....in other words, TODAY, I was and still am totally confused. Oh well. It is a stepping stone. I can conjugate verbs from past to present to future just great....although I still need to speak more.

Friends a plenty from Tina in Perugia, to my new Irish friend Theresa, to my fabulous Italian friends. I have become a regular at Kareoke every Sunday night with my friends at Michael Collins. I sing, we sing together, I sing,Ale e I sing together. It is soooo much fun!!! I have reunited or I guess connected with Bec, she is the aussie that is an au pair as well. I hope to meetup with her after my weekend in Perugia with Tina.

Domani e l'altro giorno!!

a presto

25 January 2007

Driving, changing pjs, cooking lessons

It has been such a crazy week.

The last post was supposed to be posted yesterday but becuz i dont have time to come to the internet cafe to check email and such...everything is a bit behind. Soon I hope to get internet in my house so I dont have to spend on my money via the internet.

Allora, Today I drove with the driving school here in Firenze. It was a different and nervewrecking experience. I love that am learning a new task at least. It went well although at times he told me I was driving too fast...go figure.

Today as well, I changed Carolina into her pjs for the first time without V around. Brava!!! She was a doll. Maria on the other hand, was not so willing to change. When V arrived home she made her let me change her into her pjs. Non ti preoccupare...at least I changed one.

Valentina has been giving me cooking lessons every other day, one time it was how to cook a good piece of meat another was how to saute zucchini my fave, in olio.....yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Ti amo olio!! Last night, I helped her cook my brother's fav, spaghetti carbonara.....yummmmmm yummmmm again!!

I wish i could write more but alas i must eat...ho fame!!!!!

domani e l'altro giorno!!

23 January 2007

Ciao Nana e Papa e Addy!!

It was great to see them on my webcam stasera. And of course seeing my ADDY!!! I am in love with her.

Allora, oggi, ho parlata meglio ma ho bisogno piu confidence. Claudia, my teacher, told me to write down what we talked about today and then speak. Just get more confident in just speaking forgetting that everything has to be perfect.

A great friend commented on my last post and said the most encouraging thing about "just speaking". I don't feel like I can put it into better words...just read it.

I think even though it takes me FOREVER to get out a sentence at times....it shouldn't matter, ya know?

21 January 2007

I shyed away....Perche??

Mike asked if I wanted to speak italian with him last night. Yeah....and I shyed away like a little girl...running away from a relative who constantly kisses me.

It is an ongoing battle with me. Should I speak or not? Damn it...sorry for the profane language. Alas I am a constant perfectionist on myself. I really want to stop this constant fear of sounding idiotic attitude towards talking with friends. That only want me to speak with them. And want me to prevail and conquer the Italian language and make it my own.

Worrying is a waste of time...non si preoccupi è felice!

and the battle continues....wish me luck....

domani e`un altro giorno!

19 January 2007

Good Night Sleep

I woke up feeling refreshed today. I am starting to make the girls bottles and the coffee in the morning. At least on the weekdays...It hasn't been too bad. I hate messing up but V always tells me if I did it wrong. I am feeling a little closer to her every day. Trying to again take it day by day, not letting somethings she says bother me from the day before. I am doing the best I can with her children. We are bonding more and more every day and I hope to have them like me even more as the months pass on.

Italian class is going well. It is good that I try to speak with my friends and other people.

Constantly speak to people. That is the key.

Speaking until I am blue in the face.

domani è un altro giorno

a presto

17 January 2007

Ho parlata oggi piu....

Yes I did it. I talked and talked and talked in class today. I didn't care if it was right o not. Claudia was very nice and corrected me when I was incorrect.

Great start to my day!!!

16 January 2007

Sola ho parlata italiano...per favore...

I started my (seems like 8th) italian classe. I venture to Centro Internazionale Studenti Giorgio La Pira, vicino Piazza Repubblica. I really like the class. Claudia is our insegnante(teacher) and she is very bubbly and helpful. I felt I was able to speak rather well at first. Then when it came to describe what we did over Capadonno(La Befana), I was speaking in a bunch of incomplete sentences. I felt like an idiot. For those that don't me personally, I am sooooo hard on myself, let it be with soccer, work, life, friends, speaking a different language. I WANT TO BE PERFECT!! VOGLIO PERFETTO ESSERE!!! I am pretty sure that is wrong. But if you know the right answer please be kind, cuz I am one that will for some reason, feel like a complete idiot for a good 2 hours after being told. Yeah....I need to become more confident in speaking italian. That is all. I just need to DO IT! Damn it just do it!!

I met a danish girl in my class, she doesn't speak that much inglese, so I hope to hook up with here and speak only italiano!! How great would that be???

I just can't find a way to back down, cuz I know, knowing me, like I am doing now, stalling until there isn't time for Valentina to take me driving.

I really need to drink more...vino that is. I need to relax and find a way of not getting so tense and nervorso about everything!

I am going to buy a pilates mat in the next few days so I can find peace in this experience instead becoming a tense American, who isn't fun to live with. If anyone can give me some encouragement for this dilemma I am creating for myself, I would truly appreciate it!

Domani e nuovo giorno!!

a presto

14 January 2007

Very Brave indeed

Talked with Simone from JT last night. It was good to see him and to hear his excitment for my return as well. He is happy for me that I am back and taking yet another risk.

I mentioned to him how most of my close friends are in serious relationships or ready to be proposed to or living in the city, Chicago, working constantly trying to survive. (Not all of my Chicagoing friends). He asked me so are "you feeling left out that you aren't getting married". I said oh god no!

There is too much in my life that I am pursuing that if I was planning or striving to walk down the aisle I would have been stuck in a cubicle like job. Why regret the experiences you have made for yourself?? As my close friend once said, you always follow your heart. I believe I do and I am never saying "I wish I did that, I could have down that, I should have done that". Why live your life in that way? How are you ever supposed to find your true self?? This is my opinion completely so don't think I am trying to put down anyone.

My friend Lapo struck up a conversation at MC last night about why I came back, what I want to do, what I did back in the States. It was good to hear his response when I said;

"I quit my job and came right back here to do what I want and find out for myself if I could do it again."

"You are very brave, Katie" he replied.

"Yes, yes I am Lapo." I smiled.

13 January 2007

A day with Bob

So I found my way back to my old stopping grounds today, Fiesole. Where my italian obsession bloomed into the pulsing beat in my life, ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA. I trudged up the steep streets in Piazza Mino and noticed the new and improved Piazza. They have been reconstructing for about 2 years or more. It looks great though. Still part of the Piazza is still being excavated...looks terrible.

Anywho, I saw the famous bakery that made me fat, the co-op where I purchased many cheap and even not too apealing vino in a box. Pasted by the old travel agency that booked us many a ticket to place like Verona, Ravenna, e Londra. Then the tabacchi shop that we all part at least one bus ticket to head down to Firenze.

Finally I arrived facing the steep drive to Villa Bonelli. AHHHHHH!!! The memories walking up that drive so inhibriated that we couldn't walk completely straight. I pass the wall Rosa, Emily, Angie e Bridget climbed up to get into the Villa after hours. It is amazing how we did that after drinking so much. Round the corned up the stairs and who opens the door, Bob Conner. An old friend, teacher, and hilarious older man. Simone shows his happiness I am back with a big smile. We sat and chatted for about an hour and a half, the three of us, then me and Bob took a stroll around Fiesole. Giving tidbits on who owns what, what store moved where, what food is good, great to see him! The New SMU students were arriving mostly today and tomorrow, met a few of them and let them know a little about, becuz Bob introduced me. Such young people, I can't even remember what I was thinking back then.

All I know is, I WAS SOOOO EXCITED!!!!

Thus began my journey to bel paese 4 times over.

-domani e nuovo giorno!

A Day with a fellow dreamer

So On Thursday, (yes i know it is Saturday as I am writing this) I don't have internet that works on my computer here at the house. So the nice man Guido is lent me his computer to check my email stasera. Allora, on Giovedi I met up with a lovely lady named Tina, whom when I met her felt a instant connection. She is full of life and inspiration. I wish I had her language skills, hopefully soon I will. NO backing down now. I live in an italian home.

Anyways back to that Thursday with Tina, we had a lovely evening of wining and dining with delicious food, mouthwatering wine e grappa, e new and old friends. It was so great to be in the presence of someone who has the same drive as me. We know exactly what we want and there is no stopping us now. Pero, I am not able to put pictures on my post as of right now becuz my computer is not able to connect to this crazy italian system. Once I get the driver installed into my computer via the internet cafe I hope to have use of this system a casa. If you want to to see a good picture of us in Firenze go to Tina's blog.

When meeting someone of like minds, everything seems to make you think more clearer about yourself becuz you are expressed you true self to this like mind. Great Feeling!!

I almost forgot to mention our friend Melinda, she was supposed to meet with us but at the last moment she felt under the weather. I hope to be meeting with her in the next few days. Great thing, blog friends.

a presto


11 January 2007

Not an every day thing...

I just want to point out, I am not an everyday kind of blogger. I can't write something everyday. I feel if I write something everyday I will bore you with my boring words. Well what happened the past 2 days....I learned how to cook a pork chop, make italian style coffee, and how to properly make a bed. V.has been very helpful. Not making me feel too stupid. I ask stupid things, but who doesn't. I ask her, "so will the mail my family sends will it arrive here?" Well to set up this completely idiotic question she was saying how she has to drop by her old house to pick up her mail. OK...yes this was a stupid question. leave me alone.

I just feel a little intimidated by her sometimes. She is just very secure with herself and knows what she wants. Alas, I have yet to show her my true self yet. A little here and there but not completely. Someday I will. Hopefully soon.

I hate being so quiet around her and Guido.

Anyways, tonight I meeting up with fellow bloggers, Melinda from Living in Florence.
and Tina from Pecorino e Miele.
Should be a grand ole time. Can't wait to finally see them face to face.

Domani e nuovo giorno!!

a presto

ps: I have decided that

Domani e nuovo giorno!! is my new slogan.

09 January 2007

Met up with friends, carolina e maria are so cute!

Sunday night I went out for a walk around Firenze given I haven't the house since I arrived in Firenze. So I walked and walked and walked. It was a little misty out. Good thing I had a hood. :-) All the Christmas lights are along each street in the main center. The Christmas tree is still lit in Piazza Repubblica. I have never seen Florence like this. Everything is coming back to me now, where a certian ristorante I used to go to all the time, certain bars I try to avoid, then I ran into my favorite bar(ok not my favorite, JT) but one of mine, Michael Collins. I walked around the corner and entered the Piazza Signoria. Like breath of fresh air, Hello Firenze!!! My Favorite Piazza by far!! I walked up to the pub and who do I see sitting outside, Mike aka Pitto aka Michelangelo. He looks at me wide-eyed, Che c'e` Come va?? What are you doing here???

I came back, I said as we embraced.

Alessio was in the bar as well, looked thru the bar window and was very happy to see me too. What a great feeling, Being remembered and thankful for your return. There is something about coming back to a country, not your own, and being remembered by close friends. Mike kept saying how I brought back so many memeories and he is so glad to see me again. You couldn't ask for a better welcome.

OK, now onto my family, Carolina is 4 e Maria e 2. Both are very sweet but also have their moments. I am taking my lead from Valentina, I will be her shadow this whole month and learn the routine of the morning and the afternoon. It is a new and exciting experience. Living with a foreign family has its differences for sure. Different ways of washing clothes, dishes, cleaning. But I love trying new things and exploring myself in the process. I am capable of anything if I put my mind to it. So I am going to keep my head up and start a new with a smile on my face, just like my MOM!! Che sara, sara whatever will be, will be. No need to worry about the future yet. It is still the present. One day at a time, that is all I'm doing.

a presto

07 January 2007

Sono A FIRENZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao Amici.....I have arrived. Sorry it took so long. I was in the country for a few days with the family and now I am with this wonderful family in FIRENZE. I have been in the country nearby San Casiano dei Bagni. In the most quietest place on earth. Took a scenic route to Firenze with Valentina and the lovely girls, Maria e Carolina. Perfetto. I feel I have made the right choice to come and live with an Italian Family to constantly hear italian, and also to enjoy exploring my life, my passions, my hopes, and of course my dreams.

Thus begins a year of exploration and excitement!!

03 January 2007

Ci Vediamo

And I'm off. I just woke up from my last night in my house. A little sad but also a little liberating. I can't wait to get back Italia. It shall unfold before my eyes and I will report back promptly.


02 January 2007

1 day away

From my 4th time to Italia. Think of happy thoughts around 7:30pm central standard time as that is when my flight takes off. I talked to Valentina and she will be picking me up at the airport. We will then drive to her country home in the Tuscan Hills. My dream is coming true again...being determined really pays off.

a presto