30 May 2007

Mighty Kites! Forte Dei Marmi and some Englaaashhh...

My parents and my brother are departing Italia as of 1:50pm from Roma. It was a fabulous vacation with my family. They got to meet most if not all of my friends except Simo and Paolo from Joshua. All of them were kind and sweet to my family. Even debbie downer...

I noticed being on this vacation with my parents and my brother, that I LOVE them dearly obviously, but I think I might(if I can find a job) stay. It will help me out in the end if I want to really truly become comfortable with the language. Even though the pain of not being on that plane right now is burning a hole in my heart, I much press on. I must think only that I am here for a time in my life that is precious...I need to find my passion on my own without distractions. Not saying my family is a distraction, but just that time by yourself to think, I suppose. I am sure of myself that I can survive on my own here.

I have decided that I would love to write for a living. I truly enjoy writing. And you can write anywhere...who knows...I could have a home here and in Downtown Chicago. Why not?

We also went to Forte Dei Marmi for 2 lovely days...California Park Hotel. The woman that ran it was just a doll, she was so kind and spoke italian with me....I wanted to live permanently there at the hotel. It was great! The seaside was gorgeous as well. The Sun came and went as our days dwindle at the sea but it was a fantastic time.

Then we came back to Firenze with only a few days to spend with each other. We had a dinner with my professor Bob Connor on Sunday night, which was very fun and a little tipsy. On Monday night, it was Elena's turn to meet my family. We got picked up by Antonella in Porta Romana and we were off. It seemed such a short visit but it was great to have both of these families meet. It was a great dinner and great conversation!

Then there was ONE day left...
We came down a little later around 12 and went to the market and picked out some presents for the loved ones at home. We then headed for our last lunch together at Lorenzaccio. They were all happy to see me and to greet my family. Lapo, Davide, Giuseppe, and of course Pitto. He was very much invited to our home by my mother...."Thank you, you are very kind, are you sure you don't own guns?" He has this image of all Americans carrying guns as they walk down the street.

"I assure you there are no guns in our home." my mom said.

He then gave my mom a hug with a giant kiss....my mom was happy about that. I was too.

The last few hours were hard....they went very fast and were very very very sad.

I kept thinking ok I am just leaving them to go to college. That made me feel less sad for a few seconds. Then I kept thinking of all my friends told her....

"Don't worry, We will take care of her." Carlos said with a warm hug to my mom.

"Just tell her she has to come back and we will have lunch because you will be living here." Simone said over the phone.

"She is doing great, don't worry." Guiseppe hugging my mom.

"Lei sta bene, lei ha tutti amici, sei traquilla...ora sono trieste." Antionette, the maid from Villa Bonelli talking to my mom when she was balling her eyes out....I love her! She started crying a bit too.

How lucky am I to have these people in my life???

My family, my close friends here....really I never thought I would be here at this point in my life. I didn't think I would be in Italia at 26. That is for sure! Here is my life, I am doing everything I ever wanted to pursue. Who can say they have done this? Not many. I am very happy now.

I am currently sitting in Michael Collins writing this, I feel completely content on my life here. I am glad I am not giving into guilt or the sadness I felt earlier today. I hope my sadness will pass. This beer seems to be helping. I must run now. V is not feeling well so I am picking up the girls. BY BUS!!!!

For my bry...."I hate when we miss practice, Mighty KIIITTES!!

love u mom and dad!!!

a presto

17 May 2007

MagicBabyet!!!Check this group out!!

In true fashion, I am going to introduce all my blogging friends, friends back home, and family to amica mia, Francesca and her fabulous band, MagicBabyet.

here is the link to their myspace music page: MagicBabyet MySpace Music

Also this is their website, it is still under construction at the moment: MagicBabyet

On this site, you can hear her piercing, sexy voice and kick ass sound. She sings in English, so don't think you won't understand her. She is a pinnacle of success and determination. Having the ambition to follow her heart with her love of music and language as well, makes me admire her so much. I think (ok I know) we are soul mates of some kind. I have always pushed her to do what she wants and always knew she would succeed. So spread the word, MagicBabyet will become very successful, I know it!! The sound alone will draw you in, so take listen!

Love ya Fra!!

PS: Tomorrow my parents and kick ass brother will be in Italia!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

14 May 2007

My Hot Topic

These days have been extremely warm. Suitable weather for when my parents arrive this Friday. I have also been going to school for the past week trying to absorb as much italian and conversation as possible. And of course, I have been with the girls a lot as well.

I have been enjoying the company of my friend Daniella at the seaside, as well as eating and drinking in Piazza Signoria. More and more I think about how life here(in my mind) was supposed to be different, in reality, it is not. It is the same life here, the only difference I am in Italy. I work hard, I hang out with friends, I go to school, and I have time to go to the beach. The only thing I don't like is that I don't have time to work on stuff I really want to do.

My time is spread out between babysitting, cleaning, italian, friends, emailing, cleaning, babysitting, etc. My life is very much even more busy here than at home. Funny huh?

Anyways, I am very excited to meet my parents in R0ma on Friday. Even though I have a to work a bit when they are here, it is still going to be worth it!!! I hope this visit will help me decide what my next step will be.

Sorry I haven't written in awhile....I will try to write more soon!!!

a presto