19 March 2007

26....I am ok with it

Friday started my Birthday weekend. I met my good friend Francesca in Bologna and had a fabulous time. She took me around Bologna and went shopping. She is such an inspiration to me. I really love that girl! Her music is fantastica!! I am so proud of my friend and enjoyed talking more deeply with her about life, love, and passions.

I then headed back to Firenze on Saturday afternoon to get to my appointment to get an Amici carte so I can get into most of the museums in Firenze for free. After, I headed home to take a well deserved nap. I woke feeling refreshed and excited about my dinner with my good friends. It turned out to be a fabulous night. My great friend Simone came and sat next to me. We had a great chat with Daniella and her sister Alex. The pizza was very good. I enjoyed it very much!! Then we headed over to this trendy bar across from the ristorante for a drink. Then headed back to Michael Collins. Where Simone came and met us. It was perfect becuz I never see him out besides at his bar. I enjoyed his company and conversation very much! We all headed back to Daniella's house around 2 and stayed up talking, laughing, drinking, til about 4. It was a great nite and the next day was even better. Really low key, walking thru Santo Spirito, stopping at my friend Andrea at Leonardo's shoe shop. We had a great panino for lunch, and then heading back to Daniella's to watch a movie and nap, once again.

Then Daniella made a great dinner for me, eggplant parmigiano, insalata, and sausages, meatballs. YUM YUM!!! It was delicious and fabulous!! We then headed out again, to MC and hung out with Michelangelo. I had 2 drinks and I was done and DONE. Mike then took me home on his fabulous scooter. What a great friend he is....not just cuz he takes me home but he truly is a superb friend. Love ya Pitto!!

14 March 2007

Warms Days are here to stay...Spero

Everyday this week has been bellissimo!!! I love walking about amongst the tourists and enjoying the day as well. I rode my bike to the center this morning. Down the main Viale past Piazza Donatello, past Piazza Beccaria, and along the Arno. Gorgeous!!! Simply Splendid!! Everything I wished it could be for my upcoming Birthday. It is on Domenica, ma I am spending it on Saturday amongst friends at a bella Pizzeria. So to finish my day, I go to the Uffizi early to sign up for my Amici card, so I can enter museums easily and without waiting. E poi I went to make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure at Jean Louis David, where my friend Oliver works. Fabulous!!!

Then I bought myself a nice dress and shoes to go with it for my night out. Yes I splurge a bit. Oh well, you only live once, right? Might as well Live it UP!!! Poi I visited my friends Raul and Enza at MC and had a quick cappucino and I was off to enjoy the rest of the day by bike. As I was riding I noticed something, driving amongst the cars and amongst pedestrians, really didn't phase me. I was completely at ease when a motorino zipped past me. And THEN I thought 'Ummm, Katie, you are an Italian bike rider' Really??

After I had a quick lunch a casa, I was off with the stroller to pick up picolina Maria. Carolina is off in the mountains this week so it is just me, V, and Maria. Very nice! As we were zipping thru the centro of Firenze and turned the corner of Via Pier Capponi, I had another thought, 'I think I can live here. I mean REALLY live here.' I had to stop the stroller to tie my shoe cuz I felt light headed. WOW!

Anyways, Buona Giornata Domani tutti!!!

09 March 2007

My New Cut

Here I am, a week before my 26th Birthday, I wandered over to the Arno river this morning and found the Jean Louis David Hair Salon. I walked in and met Oliver. Spoke rather good inglese and we were off to back of salon. I sat down let him know what I wanted and he continued to tell me he thinks he should do a hair treatment to make my hair more shiny. Why not?

He washed and massaged my head for what seemed like 45 minutes. He kept coming and going because he had other clients. But he kept saying, "I'll be right back, darling, thank you."

Finally it was my turn. He said, "You don't worry, I will make you beautiful." Ok, I said, smiling, kind of nervous.

We talked a lot and all of a sudden, he was done. "Don't move", he said, "one last touch".

He sprayed some kind of hair spray or shine. He asked, "How do you like it?"

"Well it is different," I said, Touching my soft tresses.

"You came to me for something different, that is why people buy new clothes, to be different." He said, smiling and winking.

He kissed me goodbye, saying how beautiful I looked and glad I stopped in.

While I was waiting on the sink in the back of the salon, familiar songs were playing. Like Juanes, La Camisa Negra, and Tiziano Ferro, I forget the name of that one. Both from my friend Tina. They reminded me of her and sitting there I was thinking, "Change is good, why not".

So there I am, a NEW ME for my 26th coming up on 18th Marzo.

a presto

07 March 2007

My Visual DNA

From my friend Cherrye.
I thought it was fun to play. Enjoy. Buona Giornata!!!

Sisterly Love

I spent the whole afternoon with Carolina and Maria. As we were watching Alice in Wonderland, this is what I saw. (Above) Then when Maria got a little fussy, Carolina moved her in this direction. (Below) Because she got 'calda'. "Mamma Mia, Maria, sono troppo calda."

Even when they are screaming their heads off because they miss their Mom or don't want to get dressed, there are times I sit back and look at how sweet they really are. Kids will be kids, people say. But when I thought about this idea of being an au pair, never did I think it was going to be hard. Yes at times, it would be hard, but whenever it is hard I take a deep breath and look at them and ask them, "Perche you are crying?" Calmly mind you. And usually they calm down, if I am calm they are calm. PERFETTO!!!

These next few days I will be going back and forth to the Grandparents which are located right down the street. I will be there from 3ish to about 7:30 every night except thursday. I will be there to put them to bed while the Grandparents go out for the night. NO worries there. That is cinch. Then Saturday we will decide(Nonna and I) when she wants me, morning or afternoon. Hopefully it will be the morning or just the afternoon. I really want my Saturday night to relax. Maybe go out to dinner with friends. Who knows? That is what I love about living here, things just come up, and we meet to eat, drink, or tutta due. I never make a week in advance plans with my friends. They just happen that day.

Anyways, I will update you all later this week.

a presto

06 March 2007

Sunny Days in Marzo

I met a new friend on this past gorgeous Sunday. It was nearly 70 degrees!! So I was walking aroung Firenze in just what you see here in this picture. Her name is Sophia, a new au pair for one of V's friends, she is super sweet and enjoyed me escorting her around the citta. It is her first time in Firenze but she has lived in Germany for 9 years of her life. But now resides in Canada where she recently moved.

She and I enjoyed a day of dining at Lorenzaccio, taking a walk to Piazzale Michelangelo, gelato up to San Minato, and finally shopping.

The best part of this time of year that it is FINALLY getting warmer to wear just a light cardigan. I LOVE IT!!!

02 March 2007

Look at my ADDY

This is what I am missing at home.....look at this precious angel. She can sit up all on her own. Look at her independent statue she gets from her Aunti Kate. I LOVE U ADDY!!!!!!