30 July 2006

Parlo Italiano....

I have been practicing my Italian by using the website LearnItalianpod.com. I really like it. I am able to comprehend the intermediate levels so I am now working on my pronouciation which was always a problem for me. I try to translate my thoughts into italian. Like when I think of decribing a person from afar... Lei e bella e grosso. OR something else. That isn't a fair statement. Ha! Yeah I wish I spoke it better. I try to listen to Nek, Jovanotti, and Negramaro. And I love there music so it is good. I hope once I get over there it will just hit me again, like I never left. I will pick up where I left off. Let's hope!!



I'm not sure if that is correct but what the hell.... :-)

28 July 2006

What Kind of Art Best Describes You??

You Are Best Described By...

Farbstudie Quadrate
By Wassily Kandinsky

19 July 2006

Thinking Positive....Being Proactive

That is my goal. I am saving all my money's from my small paying job and I am also applying at resturants to be a server. The fastest way to get cash is to be a server. I am not going to think of it as a bad thing and how I didn't like working at Rainforest Cafe before when I first left college. It is just a segway until I find a life that really challenges me and a life that I am striving for. A life in Italy! I am keeping my mind busy by working on projects, putting together collages of Italy, doing something that doesn't let me overanalyze my job right now. Ya know? I hope someone out there understands what I mean, if not it is ok. I just want to pass along the thought of just keep positive with a long term goal in mind. Let it be choosing a better job, finding a better exercise schedule, or in my case, moving to a different country.

As my wise professor and friend said to me once, "The royal road to achieving genuine satisfaction in life is going the bloody hard way". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote! Something to think about, because most people aren't happy with their jobs. What I say to these people is then do something about it to change your career or direction in life!! What are you waiting for??

Life is too short to waste it unhappily.

a presto

16 July 2006

I sent it!

Yesterday, I sent the letters to the Comune's of my great-grandparents to obtain their birth certificates. It took a while but I did it. The post office in my town didn't have the IRCs so I had to travel to another town. Well now we will wait and see if they will send me copies or the copies of the originals so I can go to the consulate and finalize this.

Cross your fingers for me!!

12 July 2006

Info on Interviewing in Italy

You want some tips on interviewing and the process, go to Emma Bird's blog. If you click on Emma's How to Italy under "blogs I like" on this page you are half way to meeting an amazing person. Emma is great friend of mine and also a great motivator for me. She is my constant support system when wanting to finalize my dream. Hope this helps all you Italian lovers out there.

The pictures above are of my friend Simone after Italy won the World Cup....How exciting huh??? Wish I was there Simo!!

a presto

09 July 2006



FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FORZA AZZURRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08 July 2006

Summer Reading, Applying for Citizenship, Weddings

I am reading a great book right now by a friend by the name of Dario Castagno. It is called A Day in Tuscany. It is superbly written and gives you a great laugh. I actually catch myself laughing out loud. His first book was the same way. Too Much Tuscan Sun, was a rollar coaster of weird and obsure tourists he catered around the Chianti. A must read and a touching story. I recommend reading both of these fabulous books. You won't regret it.

I am in the process of obtaining Italian citizenship, alas I am missing some papers that is over the pond to prove I am of Italian descent. I am writing letters to the Comune's of Toano and Montefiorino to ask them to send me authentic birth and marriage certificates of my great grandparents. I hope to send those out this next week.

I have a very good friend's wedding that is coming up in August. I bought a plane ticket to attend the wedding because driving these days is soooo expensive even when it is going from IL to MN. So then I started thinking about money. OK, now I am not by any means wealthy, but for some reason I feel that I should be able to fork over some spending money to attend this fabulous party. Alas I am also trying to save, save, save for my ticket over the pond, AND paying off my credit cards from the previous summer when I was in Firenze. So it all comes back to my job in which I don't get paid as much as I hope. THEN, I start telling myself well you need to quit then and find a better paying job, or get another job Katie. (Essentially I am a bit of a thinker and analyzer when it comes to my life choices), But who isn't. To calm myself down I think, My job is adequate and I like the people, I know what I am doing and I am learning and networking at the same time. Everyone in my office knows I am the Italian Fan. If anyone mentions Italy they ask, have you spoke to Katie? HAHA! Very nice! I have made a name for myself there. They will never forget me when I leave.

My money issues I think, well once I do get a job in Italy, I will be paid in Euro and then I can pay off my credit cards hopefully a little faster because of the exchange rate. And the most important thing is that I am Happy right now. I spend time with my Nana and Papa as much as I can, My sister is due in August with my first niece or nephew, and I am planning a life for myself that no one in my family has ever dream of. I am so driven and determined that I can't sleep. I am up late tonight cuz I just wanted to get this off my chest so I just put all these thoughts I randomly have into perspective. My life is just how it should be. All that stuff I mentioned above are things, things I will pay off and I will get a better job. None of it compares to a life being brought into this world in which he or she will have an awesome, Italian-speaking aunt, who will love it so much. (and will teach it all the Italian it's parents won't know) haha!

La Vita e Bellissima!!

04 July 2006




VIVA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!






01 July 2006

Nana and I

My Nana is my best friend. We had our weekly chat by the pool today. I enjoy her company so much. She is the reason I am tied to Italia. She was born in a little town called Farnetta outside of Modena. She loves to reminise with me and describe the lunches her Mom and Aunt used to make for her when she very young. Nana smiles while telling me about all the fresh flowers her Mom grew all around her house. She says, "You are so much like my mother. You both love flowers and love to cook." In a way I am like you as well Nana. She is a terrific cook. Nana can make any pasta dish from memory. Let it be from her mother or a recipe her grandma used to make, she remembers it all. She hardly ever looks at her old recipes. I am so lucky to have my Nana in my life.

Today we talked more about my personal life. She says, "Katie, I married way too young, I am like you, I wish I could have experienced more and traveled more.
I was an adventurous girl but I couldn't do any of that after I got married. Oh to be young again!" She expresses with a smile.

Then she brings up my Italian beau, that I honestly can't get out of my head. I met him last summer while I was studying. I definitely felt the tingles when we hung out and I know we had a connection. A girl knows when a guy has feelings for her.

"You must go back and tell him". Nana says with a smile. "He needs to know."

Yeah except that my beau and I are both afraid of getting hurt and very stubborn. Not a good combination is it? I wonder who will make the first move......