22 November 2006

Got the IDP....now practice!

I purchased the International Driving permit today. It took all of 10 min. I wish the citizenship process was just as fast. Now I need to find someone who has a stick shift car to practice on. Alas I have not found a kind soul to lend me their car to use. Any takers?????

41 DAYS BABY!!!!!!!!

20 November 2006

Going to keep looking....

I was just informed by a fellow Italophile that NY Literary Agency is not as reliable as I made myself think. I am going to keep looking around for the right publisher. Grazie Mille Michelle! I will write more when I have researched more.

19 November 2006

New York Literary Agency and IDP

I sent a portion of my manuscript to the New York Literary Agency this past week. I got a response back from them, that they received and it will take about 1-2 weeks for them to review it.

How it works is after the read it and accepted it as something they can sell. They will start giving it to different publishers to look at and see if they want to buy the book. I don't pay the NY literay a penny for doing this, Alas there is always a catch. Once they sell my manuscript to a publisher, they get 10% of the earnings I will receive from selling it initially. Not too bad. After that I will have my own publisher....how exciting huh???

Also in the news, I have filled out the application for AAA to get my International Driving Permit. I will need to get 2 passport sized pictures, $10 check, and my driver's license. Done and done! I will apply sometime this week.


08 November 2006

It's official!!!!

I have bought my ticket!!!!! I leave January 3rd!!! Here I come, Firenze!!!!!

06 November 2006

How does one begin to pack....

Valentina emailed me today and answered more of my questions. She is fabulous!!

Then I think to myself...WOW....is this really happening AGAIN!! Katie, can you do this?? Of course you can, why not? I need to experience life. But what about Addy, my adorable niece, im going to miss her. What about my Nana? I want to take her with me. No I can't Papa will miss her too much. Pack light kate. I can't pack like i did last summer. So much stuff I never wore. What if I just bring one bag?? HA, that is crazy talk. I am now packing for a whole year of different seasons. Geez, where does one begin?? I have no money to buy clothes, I have no money, period. HAHAHA!!! yea that does sound funny. I am a healthy American girl with no money and im moving overseas. HAHAHA!!!! Yes that is what is going on in my head right now!!

Jay, my brother in law, asked me tonight, "so you are only getting paid like 75 bucks a week?? I know you are going for the experience but shouldn't you get paid more." I informed him that I am going to be provided food and shelter in return. It is all about the experience. Definitely!

I am thinking and worrying way too much. Stop it Katie!!!

01 November 2006

The 1st of the year....

Will be when I arrive in Firenze, bella citta. My favorite citta!!! I am still looking for a good ticket. So I talked to Valentina da Firenze yesterday on the phone at 7:30am my time. She was very bubbly and funny. I felt a great feeling talking with her. We seem like a great match. She explained the duties I will have with the girls, Carolina e Maria. They are in the process of moving north of the city center, Piazza Liberta. I know that area well because that is one of the Piazzas the #7 bus goes around on its way down from Fiesole. Speaking of Fiesole, she owns a touring company in Fiesole. I told her how surreal that is because that is place and an experience I would love to do. Ever since coming back to the States, I have always thought how fabulous it would be to be a tour guide for small groups of tourists. I asked her if she could show me her business, and she said "Of course!" I am in complete heaven!!!