28 October 2006

I found a Family in FIRENZE!!!

Yes, the rumors are true. I found a family to work for and live with starting in January 07. I hope to be speaking with my new sister, Valentina, this weekend. Details to come....

23 October 2006

Moving would make it go faster...

I was just reading on Expats in Italy about how this woman and her husband have obtained citizenship by going to the comune his grandfather was born in. I read and read and read and READ how she (or should I say her husband) did it. I read people complaining about the consulates all over the States, how slow they were, how inconsiderate they were or are, how they were just not helpful, how they wouldn't stop this couple for obtaining a right of jure sanguis.

All this bitching got me thinking, if this whole citizenship thru the consulate doesn't work for me, what the hell, I will try this process. I will move to Montefiorino, my Nana and Great Grandfathers' hometown and apply with all my papers in hand.

It is so funny how this one guy on this forum was writing in an angry and frustrated tone how pissed he is with the consulate in Chicago and how he thought he will be screwed if he can't obtain citizenship here. Someone replied back, Just move there, that is what you plan on doing anyways.

He got really offended by that remark, Move? NOW!

When will it ever be the right time to follow your heart unless you just jump in head first. No need to get your panties in a bunch....just take the leap and go for it!

22 October 2006

Almost done....perhaps not...

Well...I almost have all the right paperwork for the good ole consulate, I mean Italia. My favorite place on earth. I am waiting for my Dad to get our certificates out of the safety deposit box, and I wrote to my Nana's home town to see if they can send me a similiar letter with proof she was born in Montefiorino just like Grandpa. Good news there.

As for my book, well, I am still technically working on it. Some have asked me to post a portion of it on my blog but alas, I feel it still needs more work. From the help my British amica, Giovanna. She has been proofreading for me and tells me I need to work on it just a bit more. (katie types in a british accent) :-)

I do want to start writing again. About my adventures going on at this moment, citizenship, finding a family in conjunction with being an au pair, and finally finding myself. I still feel there is a lot more to who I am. I suppose this past year being back in my hometown, in my childhood bedroom, in my parents house, amongst my siblings, and old photos, I must be ready to venture off again. Being around this safe environment of "Nana's house, being home at a decent time, not drinking heavily at the bars with friends, staying home on a friday AND saturday night to watch reruns of Law and Order:SVU with mom, blogging my way thru the weekend" seems to be leading me somewhere that encompasses me being in an unfamilar place. So I am able to challenge myself even farther than before. Why not huh? I think the things that are the most worthwhile is the things we are most afraid of. (isn't that a line in a movie?) So like I posted a few weeks before about Dr. John Poling, he once said to me:

"The royal road to achieving genuine satisfaction in life is going the bloodly hard way."

Words to live by.

15 October 2006

Sono finito con mia libro....

Not a lot of you know but I have written a book about my adventures of my summer in Firenze 2005. I got the idea to write about my life during that summer from my mother. She thought it would keep me busy while I was looking for a job once I returned to the States.

I would tell her all my adventures on the seaside and on my excursions to Roma with Em, she said why not just write a great book about all these wonderful experiences. Why not exactly?? So I did....I collaborated all my journal entries into a keepsake of the summer of a lifetime. I am now letting a few close friends read it to see what they think and then I shall start sending it off to some publishers. Who knows....I could be the next Frances Mayes....j/k. It would be fabulous though. To be a writer in the Tuscan hills outside of Firenze....ahhhhhh.....I'm dreaming of my gorgeous villa and my gorgeous counterpart of the Italian persuasion by my side.

Dreams can come true. Just ask me :-)

11 October 2006

Shot down again at the Consulate...

Luciano wants more. I am such an idiot. I need to get more birth and marriage certificates leading from my great grandparents to me. It is such a pain cuz I wanted to send these delicate documents back to my Great Zio Lorenzo back in London asap.


I don't know what to do next. I don't want to give up cuz I am just so frustrated. BUT I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!!!!!!

07 October 2006

I am Impressionistic....

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.

06 October 2006

Zio Lorenzo delivers...

In my possession now is the original documents of my great grandparents. How amazing is that??? I plan on taking another day off soon so I can scurry down to the consulate and show my friend Luciano Oddo. I am certain I am in now. I will write more later but right now I need to dry my hair for work.

Buona Giornata!!!

a presto ragazzi