26 September 2006

Zio Lorenzo to the Rescue...

Today, I received an email from my great Zio Lorenzo da Londra. He has agreed to send me the documents I need to hand in to the consulate to copy. WHOOOO HAAAAAA!!!!

If you didn't read my post on Amici Over the Ocean about my Friday visit to the consulate here is what happened:

I went there with the "replica's" of my great Grandparents birth certificates, it was notierized and everything. Luciano Oddo, consular agent, said I needed to get the original Original from my uncle in London.

So I emailed him and he has agreed to lend his great niece these precious documents. How lovely of my Zio??!!!

SO now you are all up to speed. Keep your fingers crossed and your Buona Fortuna's flowing my way!!!

Grazie mille ragazzi!!!

a presto

14 September 2006

Parliamo Italiano insieme

Nana and I went to an Italian language group Ieri sera. It was lovely seeing my Nana speaking her native lingua. SHE WAS SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! And that in return made me happy! The group consisted of a bunch of older people that seemed to be very well aquainted already. So we felt rather left out. Alas we did have a great conversation with a charming man named Gino and his sorella Julia. They were fabulous to talk to! Also there was a man that sat next to me named Niccola, who looked so familiar to me. He was very kind and warm. My greatest joy of the evening was to hear my Nana said, "I think I want to join that Italian language group in my community."

She loves to talk and be social just like me. That is probably why she is my best friend!

06 September 2006

La Mia Nonna certificato di nascita e qui!!!

I am almost there. I just have to travel to Chi-town to the consulate on Michigan Ave. I received Nonna's birth certificate yesterday among all the other Labor day mail. I am so excited!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!


05 September 2006

My 2nd Collage

Here is my other Collage that is located right over my desk. I love looking at it.

a presto

04 September 2006

Collages: It helps me realize how close my dream is

Here is my favorite collages. I just finished it yesterday. I love looking at it. I know it is hard to read here but I love it! I have it hanging on my wall so I can see it everyday. The one with the saying is a collage facing me as a write this. I couldn't get a good picture of it because it is on a vertical bulletin board. I love this quote by my Professor of Philosophy, Dr. John Poling and also my great friend! Dream into Reality....exactly. I love that part of my collage. It is smack dab in the middle. Something I must keep reading over and over again. Nothing is impossible if my heart is set on it. Don't ever give up on what you truly want in life!!

Thanks John!

a presto