27 June 2006

Is that English?

Your Linguistic Profile:
65% General American English
20% Upper Midwestern
5% Midwestern
5% Yankee
0% Dixie
What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

This is the type of English I speak, ever wondered what type of English you speak, click on the link.

A presto

26 June 2006

Bellino Totti

Even though I was torn between the two teams today, I am glad Totti put it away for the Italians. The Aussies are a great team and I can't wait to see them in the next World Cup.

Francesco Totti is great! Azzurri e perfetto!!!

Una Bacione!

22 June 2006

The Job is Mine

I got the job. Yeah for all that they gave it to me anyways. All the staff is happy that I am staying, which makes me feel good. So unless I find a job sooner, I will be with them until the end of December. I am patiently waiting to hear back from Emma to see if she picked me to come and work with her in Sardegna. Wishful thinking I'm pretty sure. I am not getting my hopes up because I bet there are plenty of others that applied.

14 June 2006

I am Confused

Today, I told my boss that I won't be able to stay as a receptionist. I just have too much drive to just sit around at a job that doesn't challenge me in a way I am striving for. Assuming I would not be with them next week, I told her that my temp agency has found me a job that starts next week. And her jaw dropped, and was like no we haven't even offered her the job. Who knows if she will accept it. OK. So the day before she pretty much told me that she found another person, making me think that she will start next week. BLAH! My tenative last day of work would be July 3rd. I was so ready to move on but apparently they thought I would reconsider and stay with them forever. What can you do?

No Job For ME

Today I am going to tell my job that "no I don't want to be a receptionist for the rest of my life". Yesterday my boss asked me to explain why I want to be a "free bird the rest of my life" cuz they believe that I am perfect for the position. She is like "you never stayed in Italy for very long, so is this a vacation you are thinking?" At that moment I was very irritated with her and how she could think that because I talked about italy for so long that it is a joke or something. So I told her I didn't feel comfortable talking about that right now. She told me that I would need to give her an answer today because they found a replacement for me.

I am going to tell her. I frantically looking for a job to start next week. Good news: I can leave a little earlier to Italy. I emailed all my au pair agencies yesterday to see if they could bump me up to leave October.

11 June 2006

What If...

What if I never went to Italy in the first place? I refuse to think of how my life would be if I never ventured.

I am in the process of getting my citizenship. I already applied but needed the original birth and death certificates of my great-grandparents. My great uncle Lorenzo is going back to their birth towns to get them for me. He is an amazing man. My Nana and her 3 brothers were born there and she hasn't been back in 53 years!!! She married an American. My Papa, no one else like him.

It is nice to have a special bond with her. She calls me her "true Italian granddaughter". I went to her pool this weekend and we had a great chat. Talking about life, love, and loss. She is so funny and my best friend. She knows more about my passion than anyone else. Alas I must not tell her yet I plan on moving there because she isn't too keen on me leaving,again.

She explains, "Wait til after I die, so I can watch over you."


Little does she know is that my cousin, Alina, and I are planning a trip for her to go back to meet up with her brothers in Lago di Como. Bravissma!!

10 June 2006

Focus Katie Focus

I realized today that I need to focus on my dream. I keep getting distracted by what my friends are doing. My younger sister got a job right out of college and will be get paid more than I got when I worked at Motorola. I am proud of her. But that is not me. I am not a corporate girl. I hated being under all those rules. I always broke the rules there. Mark and Terry know that very well.

I got a phone call from my great friend Maggie the other day, I was happy to hear from her. She told me "Katie just go to Italy now." I'm like, "I can't, I need to save more money."

She replied back "Don't give up, you will be there soon".

She is the only one I can talk about my dreams and she knows exactly how I feel. I met her back in February 2005 when I visited Florence for 2 weeks by myself. I stayed at the Villa Bonelli in Fiesole where I studied when I came in 2002. Bob, the director, was happy to see me and promptly invited me to the dinner that evening with the new students. I sat next to Bob and a few other students from SMU. As the started serving dinner to us, here flys in a dashing, gorgeous girl and sits right at the end of our table. She looked nothing like the Minnesotan students sitting before me. I had to ask. "What school are you from?"

"I go to Lewis University, outside of Chicago" she said smiling. "I am from Crystal Lake."

"Excuse me??!!" I said, wideyed. "I am too!"

"Really, what is your name?"

"Katie Greenaway."

"OH MY GOD, you are Emily's sister. I played volleyball with her!"

Since then we have been inseparable. She is a great confidence in my life. We have such a connection when we are together. She once told me, 'anytime I am around you, I see more Italian things than I would normally see.' We were walking downtown one day and she noticed this Italian sign that she never noticed before, and she walks down that street all the time. I am obsessed with anything and everything Italian. If there is a special on the Medici family on PBS my Dad knows to tell me.

a presto!

09 June 2006

Benvenuto to My Blog!!!

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my journey towards my dream, ITALIA!!! I hope I can meet some people and gain more knowledge of living in the the most enchanting country. Feel free to email me or comment on this wonderful blog.

A presto!