29 July 2007

Guess what I found?

Do you know what these are??

I have seen these creatures walking about the pool of Camporsevoli but never thought I would find them swimming IN the pool.

I woke up early on Saturday Morning and went for an early swim in the grand pool of Camporsevoli. It was so peaceful and worth waking up for. As I was doing some side stroke laps, I notices these two little guys hanging on for dear life and also basking in the Tuscan Sun. I was entralled by their gold colors. I went back to the days of me chasing them and catching them outside my Boppa's house on Ft. Myers Beach.

When the girls came to the pool later with Elena, I showed Maria and she just loved them.

I see the signs......I am following them.

24 July 2007

Winding down...

I leave on Thursday morning for the country again. I will be happy to out of Firenze for awhile. I am getting sick of the same old scene I see day in and day out. The girls are great and I am glad it will be awhile until I get to be back in Florence alone again. I need to get away.

I spent the day with Maria and Emma(her cugina). Carolina is still with Nonna Elvira and her other cugine, Livia and Vittoria. She keeps telling V, "Domani, Mamma..." Very funny!

We first went to the park this morning with the bike to wait for Emma to arrive. We played with the chalk on the ground, rode the swing, and went down the slide numerous times. Then when Emma arrived her Nonna bought 10 rides for them around the Merry-Go-Round. It was about the 10th time when I'm like "Finalmente, Andiamo a casa."

I made them each a plate of pasta with meat sauce from l'Ada. They ate happily, then for dessert a banana each.

I really didn't have to do much this afternoon because they happily played together. No mush , no fuss.

There is really nothing to do these days. Other than heading to my favorite watering holes and ristorantes, that is getting old. I'm sick of drinking and seeing the same people all the time. I am feeling like Mary Poppins when she feels the wind change, it is time to leave and spread good cheer among new friends. I know I sound a bit dramatic, but I feel when you overstay your welcome you must just phase yourself out or leave as soon as possible, whichever works better. I know my friends don't want me to leave but unless I had another purpose here rather than being a barfly and a nanny all at once, it would be a different story. I would be broke....hahaha!

Anyways, my life here is winding down and going back to Chicago will be very different for me. But it is all for the best. I know Firenze could never leave my soul so I'm not worried.

a presto

20 July 2007


Thanks to my friend Tina, who is apparently better with counting than I am, I have actually been 6mos already. I will have lived here for 7 months altogether. CRAZY HUH???!! Thanks again Tina!!!

18 July 2007

I'm Ready for the Beach...

I have been working with the girls for the past 3 days. I am beat. I am off now for 4 days total and I am enjoying it. It is hella hot but I am dealing with it as I usually do. I just except the fact that I will be sweating all day and I can't do anything about it.

I have been trying to reflect a little here and there on my adventure as it is winding down. Very little because if I think too much it leads to stress and frustration. But these days, now that I know I am leaving for home, I am not worrying as much. Having my good-looking Italian friends to distract me is a plus and a great bit of eye candy that helps me think of many other things. :-)

All I'm thinking about is the beach these days. Even though I will be Pee Wee Camp counselor, Katie, I know it will be fun and a relaxing period. For all of us. It has been tension city here with V and I. She and I are just not getting along as well as we used to. But I think it is normal considering how long I have been living here. The last au pair was only here from March to September. I have been here almost 5 months on the 31st of July. WOW! I am so impressed with myself. This is a new record of me, and I have achieved it all on my own. Let it be a stressful transition or challenging move, but I DID IT!!! I did what I wanted to do. With the will and strength that lives inside me. No one else can take credit for this(well my parents can because they were there believing in me when I thought I couldn't finish the goal). But overall it was of my doing, my determination, my dream.

I even went through all the levels of Italian at Giorgia La Pira. What an accomplishment! I am still struggling here and there with speaking but I know if I keep it up I will get better.

I look back now, not even thinking I could accomplish so much, but here I am living in Firenze, speaking the language, and living the life I set out for.

I deserve the beach....I have been so very busy this past year.

a presto

07 July 2007

Italy and me

I have been constantly thinking about family these past few weeks. It makes me me wonder why I keep leaving them.

Italy has made me who I am today, has made me conquer feats I never thought of achieving. A place where I meet people all over the world, old and new, come in and out of my life while I am living here. I find that even if you get annoyed with your parents, family, you will inevitably end up wanting to come home with open arms.

It makes me sad to say that I have chosen a departure date. I know I have many expats here that I still haven't met, I hope to be in touch. These past few posts probably have given you a feeling that I have been wanting to go home. But on the other hand, I have done more than I thought I would being here. I shouldn't be feeling sad about leaving....all I am upset about is my Italian. That is the one thing that I feel I can strive better at. I'm such a perfectionist. So this is going to be long process.

Last night was Coast2Coast at Joshua Tree, it was a blast. I felt comfortable in my surrounding of Italians, friends, and random drunk people. I looked around this bar and looked at my Beer stein full of Wiekse Witte beer, and thought to myself, wow....drinking is getting soooo boring. It is fun to be around friends in a bar atmosphere, but looking at my 5th beer, not being drunk, I was content with the fact that I can not do this much longer.

Another common theme throughout my friends are they all want some sort of transition. Paolo has never thought about taking another job away from the Joshua Tree, and when he was offered a few nights ago to work in the States, he was thinking deeply about it. Antonio wants to travel before he is to old to experience it. Simo wants to travel as well but is afraid he is too old now, being 33. RIGHT!!! Davide believes he can't do anything or try anything new because he is 31, I do not like his attitude.

Then there are my friends working their asses off for a purpose. Carlos is providing for his family and saving for a fantabulous hotel or B&B in Brazil. I admire him that he can work with such heart and drive. Raul made his wife move here with him so he can work on his music career. He works his ass off to make ends meet with his wife.

All these factors I take in account that I am actually quite lucky to be here and be able to be 26 and be in Italia. Not having to work hardcore, not paying rent, not in a job I hate...(ok well I'm almost done), I am lucky!! I have the capabilities to achieve many things.

Today I am going to hang out at Michael Collins, hang out with friends, maybe even speak some italian....hahaha....ok

a presto

03 July 2007

Many Blessings

My friend Joan (above) has arrived in Firenze, this time while I am here as well. Italia is how we connected originally back in 2002. It is great to have her here and show her all the places that connect us.
Yesterday I have Maria all to myself for the afternoon. She is so cute and sweet....my buddy. I am trying desperately to add these videos I took but it is taking so long on Youtube.....I will let you know when I get them up on the Blog.

I have been taking everything in stride this week. Today I took the bike to mended because the brakes were failing. I think went to my favorite tabacchi shop on the Arno, where I always buy my bus tickets and stamps for the states. I walked in and saw a man I have never seen in the shop but I started my request anyways:

"Posso comprare un multi-plo biglietto per l'autobus, e anche cinque francobolli per mandare Stati Uniti?"

"Perfetto Italiana!!" lui detto. I was very happy.

I said in a way I was comfortable and it was natural. WHOO HOOO!!!

"It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me nooowwww...." sorry to break out in Meatloaf.

I am currently in the avanzata classe in Giorgia La Pira. Don't know how but I am....I am learning more and more everyday and I hope to keep it going once I return.

I am blessed to have been involved with such a great family. Everyone let me know of the terror and horror stories that can be had in this type of experience but alas I have totally lucked out.

I know I have sad ill things of the aforementioned family, but that comes with the job. Not that these things are true, but it is a JOB. You can't like everything about any job.

I think knowing I have more contacts here makes me even more excited about coming back. Whenever that may be....this is what is great about life, you can be in one part of world one second and the other back home in your OWN BED! I am going to leave this post with a great quote, one(becuz I have so many) of my favorites...

The way you activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped. All too often people fail to focus their choices upon results, and therefore their choices are ineffective. If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.
--Robert Fritz