05 September 2007

Torno sempre!!

Quando tornato a nuovo?

2 Settimane....non ti preoccupare.

This has been my speech to all my friends....I have no words. I am not sad, I'm content. This life has given me the most incredible experiences a 26 year old could ask for. Good friends, good food, and good memories....I know it is a little sappy to say this but I seriously believe that Italia is inside me and I feel I will never leave it.

My heart is always thriving here. I can't be sad.

Tonight the gang and I are hitting up a well known aperitivo hang out si chiama ZOE. I am looking forward to stuffing my face once more. I can't get enough of aperitivos.

This will be my last post overseas. I am not shutting this blog down just cuz I am not in Firenze, so no worries.

Thanks for all the kind words from my favorite blogging friends. A presto, a dopo, ci vediamo a la prossimo, Firenze....io sono sempre qui!

See ya all stateside(whoever is stateside)


Tina said...

Oh honey, I know you love aperitivi. I'll never forget the night we just went all over Perugia to see what kind of snacks different bars served with their drinks. :-) That was so much fun!
We're all proud of you, miss!

Linda said...

I wish you all the best. You've experienced what only some of us have dreamt about. Thank you for sharing it.

God speed and safe travels back to your family.