18 September 2007

I'm the boss!

Since being back in Chicago for only a few weeks these are the things I have done:

-I have found temp job
-learned how to use ebay (thanks Tina)
-started working out again
-from learning about ebay, I acquired tango shoes

I was watching Oprah on the saddest day for our country, September 11th. I started to get into her show and grabbed some kleenex when it hit me, 'I can't be sad today something is out there I need to get it, whatever it is.' So I set off to the temp agency I work with. They were very happy to see me back asking all the questions everyone asks me when I return. I told her what I wanted and low and behold she had a perfect job for me: no stress, just putting numbers into the computer. I will take it please! See being a nanny is a real trying job at times so I decided to go the less stressful route and here I am making more money than my last job. WHOO HOO!!

I have started getting my fat ass back into the gym and I love it. I have energy and I feel great about myself.

I have learned how ebay works. I know it is an auction website, but I didn't actually think I would HAVE to buy something. HAHA! Yeah you can call me an idiot but it is true. The rumors are true. I bought a fancy pair of tango shoes to start my tangoing career. Yes you heard me, I am going to be a Tango Star!!! Well seriously I am going to start taking lessons downtown and meet new people. I want to be around like minds and if my good friend Tina is a tango dancer than I sure as hell want to be like her. The truth, Tina got me hooked on tango since I visited her quaint,picturesque citta of Perugia back in February. I tried taking lessons while living there but it was hard having an actual job. So now I am on my own again I have decided to take on new a hobby:



Tina said...

Welcome to the point of no return... ;-)

miss tango in her eyes said...

Uh oh! I think we have a new Tango Addict in the making!

Beware of using EBAY in the wee hours of the night. Muy peligroso!

Elizabeth said...

Well, we of course will want to know everything. Who is the teacher, how it goes, how you feel.
Of course a picture of the shoes is a big plus.

Your life will never be the same....E

tangobaby said...

Welcome to tango--we're happy for you. Keep us updated on your shoe purchases, and everything else! We live for that sort of thing. Just pace yourself. Tango can take over your life--fast!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and someday you will laugh that you used the word "hobby".

The Passionate Palate said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. You go!
And who is the babe in the photo????

shubhangi said...

looks AWESOME!I look forward to your weekly reviews!

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