15 September 2007

The Shock is killing me...

I have recently entered the world of my childhood and being away for 8 mos surely changes my outlook on life in the States.

-There is an obesity epidemic(does anyone else notice this?)

-People are loud when sober as well in public places

-There is WAY too much water in the toilet bowl

-My friends say things like, "I'm only free Mondays and Wednesdays". or "How does next month look for you?"

I sat in Panera Bread the other day working my new and improved resume, when I noticed two of the 3 mentioned above. People were way too large and way too loud. People were ordering large coffees(me included), large sandwiches, large everything.

I reminisced earlier this week about the sights and sounds I miss in Firenze.
-the sound of the cobblestones when I ride my bike
-the sound of the ambulance and polizia
-the 7 am bell of the Duomo(it woke me up every morning)
-the feeling when walking through MY citta!
-running into friends in the center
-always having a place to stop and visit
-friends inviting you at a drop of a hat out to dinner

I am glad to be home but these experiences will always be on my mind!

a presto


Farfallina said...

Oooooh yes!!!

I've been back in the states for a little over a year now, and I still cannot get over how many over-sized loud Americans there are! I never noticed it before until I left for 4 years and came back... Hmmm....

Tina said...

It's amazing the things you notice when you come back. I'm always so shocked at how large people are. I've lived in Europe twice and the shock has gotten me both times. You're not alone :-)

Caroline said...

I remember the shock of returning to Canada after living for a year in Firenze. The shock of actual green grass, lots of it and the tasteless Wonderbread with peanut butter and jam. The shock of nobody taking the time to sit down over a long meal, everybody being too busy all the time, always rushing and rushing, and the shock of seeing women dressed so plainly and drab after being used to the colourful feminine clothes of the Florentine women.
It took me about a year to re-adjust to North American culture.
Heard of you through Tina - welcome to tango!

The Passionate Palate said...

Yes, I know what you mean about America. Isn't it weird to have a culture shock experience in your own country?